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Hi. Thanks for checking out the site. For those who are interested in who I am I just thought I’d share my personal body building story quickly…

mi40x review

My name’s Alexander Gerrard Evans and I’ve been involved with bodybuilding for around 3 years now. I still remember the first E-book I bought on a whim and a prayer, desperate to find a bodybuilding program that worked quickly and effectively. At the time I didn’t know much about the technicalities of mass gain work out programs but within a few short months I had got into the habit of regular attendance at the gym and made progress in terms of strength.

However I didn’t make that much visible progress on my physique. My size increased marginally and my overall shape remained the same. I needed something to increase my gains in terms of sheer mass. (Basically I was a skinny weakling and I hate saying it.) I’m not massive and probably never will be due to my being an ectomorph, but over the last three years I have made significant gains relative to my starting point.

So why did I make a site about Mi40X? 

I’ve reviewed several products in the exercise and fitness genre and I have also suffered from weight gain setbacks like plateaus and lack of motivation myself and have found that some products available on the internet DO work.

One of which is Ben Pakulski’s Mi40X program, which no doubt you’ve heard a lot about by now, and I’ve gotta tell you, from the review copy Ben sent me – It’s fantastic. I can only begin to imagine how much a less experienced body building student will benefit. It really is a must have…

I say this with complete confidence because Mi40X is a product I truly believe in. If you look past the flashy sales page, what you have here is a comprehensive package that completely overdelivers, an almost sure way for any body builder to make rapid, realistic gains and some of the most powerful techniques and information I’ve ever come across.

To your success,