What is the Mi40x exercise plan made up of?



The Mi40X review I am writing will contain more details of the overall exercise routines in the fitness plan, but for now I thought it would be beneficial to provide a brief run down of the scientific principle the course is founded on. Ben has named his secret muscle building technique ‘Cell Expansion Protocol’ or CEP [sep] for short.

The CEP method works by expanding EVERY cell in your muscle without tearing down the muscle fibers. If you can imagine a single muscle cell as a balloon, which expands when you train, then the balloon will deflate very quickly, coz as we know, the pump goes away. Well CEP will encourage more of the muscle cells to participate in the lifting process, enhancing that expansion, giving larger, longer term gains.

The CEP training method takes just 4 minutes per exercise.

It is based on a work out plan called NOS (Neurological Overload Sets) which causes the person training to ‘feel’ their muscle, and the burn they receive, in a much more intensified way. It has been designed with research scientists to pack pounds of muscle tissue onto every area, every week. That’s right – EVERY WEEK.

If you have already trained using Ben’s NOS method, get ready to experience hard work, coz this is supposed to take NOS to the next level.

It is claimed that Mi40x is the best exercise program in terms of:

  • Less time spent in the gym
  • More time spent recovering
  • Faster Muscle Growth
  • And, I should mention, insane pumps